LeeStrom on tour

Boot Dusseldorf 2013 and a great turn out at the show. At the 2013 Boot Dusseldorf, dealers from 7 countries came together to support the founders and LeeStyrom partners Rheinstrom Pumpen Fabrik at what is one of the worlds biggest boat shows to help promote the range of LeeStrom equipment. Amongst those attending were: Triodeniz from Turkey, Wilrec from Holland, Arabel from Belgium, El-Effekt from Sweden, Rollins who represent the Middle east division, Lee Sanitation from the UK and of course the hosts Rheinstrom from Germany. All parties were up beat and confident for a strong performance in 2013 and looking forward to some interesting projects.

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METS 2023 Amsterdam

Once again. Leestrom GmbH took part on the world biggest B2B Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam. In the Product Group specific section, Marina Yards

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