Single Stations

Constructed to the highest possible standards...

Our single station pump out machines are all manufactured from the top grades of stainless steel to withstand the harshest of environments. They are constructed to the highest possible standards using some of the finest craftsmen in the world. To compliment this all the mechanical and electrical parts of the stations are assembled using the best materials.

The stations can be used for pumping black water (toilet waste), grey water (bathroom, kitchen waste water) and also bilge water.

They are available in 220V and 410V AC to suit the client’s requirements.

There are many vending options available to the user, including stop/start, keyswitch, token, magnetic card reader and wireless remote control.

Also available are combined transfer units which allow the client to pump over great distances without having to install very large pumps.

LeeStrom stations can be equipped with vandal resistant features which include lockable hose cabinets and control mechanisms.