Golf Buggy Mobile Pump Out

Golf Buggy Mobile Pump Out: LeeStrom GmbH unveil its latest fleet of Golf Buggy based pump out machine. These machines are destined for the Middle East as the latest part of a contract to supply pump out to a client who will build several marinas over the next 5 years. The Golf buggy installations are to allow the marina staff to provide pump out at the berths of boats that are not served by the central pumping stations around the marinas. The golf buggies will ensure that “All” boats in the marinas are able to be pumped out effectively without leaving their berths. The Golf buggies are designed to enable the buggies themselves to be utilised on other tasks by simple removal of the modular units from the bed of the buggy by means of forklift or crane. The modular pump out unit consists of a powerful Peristaltic pump set, a 475litre holding tank, a hose reel for neat storage of the suction hose and a control panel to allow manual stop/start and a facility which will stop the pump when the holding tank is full. The unit can be used to pump out boats of all sizes and when full simply drive the buggy to a sewer or in this case to a purpose built emptying point, hook up the units on board discharge pipe and by means of a diverter system the same on board pump can discharge the waste to shore.

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