Mobile Units

LeeStrom mobile stations are effective in any environment

LeeStrom mobile units are designed to be effective in many environments. The choice of different tank capacity and a variety of pumps make these units the ideal solution for any marina operator who wishes to check out the initial demand.

They offer the marina operator the benefit of pumping out boats at their berth even in the remotest of location by using the option of petrol or diesel driven pumps.

The mobile units offer the end user the provision of a pump out station without having to invest initially in expensive infrastructure costs such as pipe lines and electrical supplies.

They are made from robust materials and are engineered to allow the most efficient use of the equipment. All our units allow for the removal of waste from boats into the self contained holding tank and also have the capability to self discharge. This means that the unit can be taken to a disposal point and the tank can be emptied using the same equipment included in the machine for emptying the boats.