LeeStrom debuts in Portugal

The first pump out station to be supplied in Portugal was recently installed and commissioned by Lee Sanitation, LeeStrom’s UK distributor at the New Douro Marina in Porto. The station specified for this marina is the LS400WB which is a dual station used for removing toilet (Black) waste water and also Bilge (oily) water from vessels. The black water is pumped ashore and is discharged into the municipal sewer system for treatment and the bilge water is sent ashore to a collection tank, where it will be collected at a later date when the hydrocarbons can be taken away from site and recycled. A significant development for LeeStrom on this site was the use of a specialised cable and hose handling system. This system was first developed in the coal mines of the UK and used for moving machinery with cables and hoses attached in harsh conditions. The reason it was adopted at the Marina Douro site is due to the extreme tides in the area, the tide at the marina can exceed 7m and the pipe work from the station has to rise and fall under tidal conditions, vertically up the new concrete quay wall. Since the installation a second station for Portugal has been ordered by a customer, details to be posted on this site shortly.

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